Smooth Sailing: Navigating Shipping and Payment Options


Welcome aboard! At Shop.WordPress-The.Me, we’re dedicated to making your digital shopping experience a breeze. Our swift delivery ensures your digital treasures reach you promptly, directly to your email inbox. Once your payment is confirmed, detailed instructions will be sent your way, guiding you through the process of downloading, installing, and activating your purchase.

To guarantee a seamless delivery process, we kindly ask you to verify the accuracy of your email address when placing your order. And fear not, there are no shipping costs involved in our digital voyages.

Payment Options and Terms

Credit Card

Smoothly sail through checkout by choosing the convenience of paying with your credit card through our secure PayPal gateway. With swift processing, your order will be set in motion without delay, ensuring you can set sail with your digital treasures in no time.

Bank Transfer

For those who prefer to navigate the waters of bank transfers, we provide detailed instructions to guide you along the way. Once your order is placed, simply follow the steps outlined, and upon receipt of your funds, we’ll swiftly confirm your order. And if you provide proof of transfer, we’ll expedite the processing to ensure your order is ready to set sail on the same day.